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Since you are reading this article, you are most likely assigned to write an essay for college or high school. As practice shows, this task causes lots of confusion among students, especially if they have a lack of writing experience or poor writing skills. You want to get high grades, but you also want to avoid the writing struggle. So what is the solution? We have one for you. We created a professional writing service with the purpose of helping students overcome their college hardships and deal with their educational challenges. Offering a wide range of services, we can help you by means of pro guidelines and tips, personal consultation, writing your paper instead of you or proofreading and improving your paper. All of these services are available for affordable prices and you can opt for any of them any time. We have writers who are experts in various fields of studies and have lots of the needed experience that allows them to take complete responsibility for your paper and guarantee that you will be fully satisfied with the result. It is never too late to contact us, even if the deadline is coming quite soon. More than that, we can deal with assignments of all levels of complexity. So unless you feel that you are totally capable of writing a strong 250 word essay on your own, please do yourself a favor and contact us as soon as possible.

Getting started with your essay

Obviously, there has to be something to dedicate your writing to. Unless you are already assigned with a specific topic to cover, you will have to come up with it on your own. A college essay can be written literally about anything. Whatever comes to your mind can become an angle of your discussion. However, you should keep in mind that choosing a good topic is a key component of the successful outcome. So how do you choose a good topic? We have some tips in this regard:

  • Don't try to please anyone with your topic, even your professor. The thing is, you have to remain true to yourself and write about those things, that seem important to you personally. So if you have some topic on your mind, but you find it a bit controversial, don't let that stop you. It is all about the way you will reveal the core angle of it, whatever the issue is.
  • Don't be shallow. Find something that really matters. Shallow discussions will not engage your reader, nor will they help you get a high mark. Although you will not be able to go deep in a 250 word essay, it still has to be an issue that is worthy to be written and read.
  • Be specific. You cannot unfold all the aspects of a big topic in a small essay. For this reason, you have to narrow it down and pick a certain side or an aspect of the problem that you find significant.
  • Make sure the chosen topic lies within the course of your classes or at least relates to it somehow. Your professor will appreciate if you discuss your topic in the context of the material you have been studied lately.
  • Check if there will be enough of information sources to discuss the topic appropriately. You will have to find supporting material, which is why it is better to discuss an issue that has been already researched.
  • In the end of the day, make sure you like it. You really have to like the topic, otherwise it is going to be unbearable to write about it.

How to make a good impression on your reader

Writing any kind of essay is about making a good, strong and lasting impression on the reader. Even if the reader will not agree with your personal opinion, he will for sure appreciate professional, confident and unique writing style. So this is exactly what you have to work on. Follow these tips:

  • Stay concise. Remember that your professor reads tons of essays every day, so if you want yours to stand out, you have to write straight to the point and not distract for anything but the topic of your discussion. Avoid common statements and obvious facts. 250 word essay is not such a big paper for information that doesn't match your context completely.
  • Be friendly. In other words, avoid negativity and do not complain. If you are discussing any problem you should provide a solution to the problem, rather than complain about its very existence.
  • Relax. Being tense will just lead you to making awkward statements. Your task is to be truly yourself and say things in exactly that way how you personally see them. So if you feel like you are becoming nervous, it is better to take your time and have some rest before you keep on working.
  • Keep the balance. You don't have to be too funny, but there is also no need for being too serious. A good way to achieve this kind of balance is to feel when it's the right moment to give a nice joke and when it is better to sound logical and speak to the point.
  • Be passionate. Whatever you topic is, show that you really care about it and explain why you find it important. Enthusiastic students always achieve success in their studies. The more you show how you care about what you write, the more your professor or the admission committee will like you.
  • Be honest. This is extremely important, because your readers will find out instantly if you pretend to be who you are not. Whatever point of view you have, express it without a doubt, unless it might appear offensive to other people.
  • Create an intrigue opening paragraph. In order to keep your reader attentive throughout your essay, there has to be a mystery pushing them towards further reading. So before you make things absolutely clear, a good trick would be to put a provoking statement or an intriguing quote in the first paragraph of your essay.

Get ready for the writing

Your essay is not going to be of a large size, but it doesn't mean you don't have to do any research. So if your aim is to get high scores, there has to be a piece of well-conducted research to show your awareness in regard to the discussed issue and a good level of knowledge. There are tons of sources of information on the Internet, including online magazines, videos and documentaries. But you also can go to the nearest library, tell them what you are looking for and they will surely help you find the proper material.

When doing your research, remember taking notes every time you find something interesting and worthy. And of course, write down the names of authors whose quotes you are going to use in your essay. These things can tell a lot about your level of proficiency in writing and about your academic background on the whole. A successful student is the one who always takes seriously all kinds of writing assignments, whether it is a short essay or a research paper. So if you want your work to be appreciated and evaluated appropriately, be ready to spend some time on the preparation process apart from the writing itself.

Our professional advice also would be to stuck to the chosen topic from the first to the last word. Make sure that every single word in your paper reveals important information and you are not just wasting statements. Take a look at a couple of well-written essays and analyze what makes them effective and strong. Pay attention to the writing techniques and writing style. One of significant factors of efficient writing is having your own writing style which makes your paper stand out from the rest. It can show your character and make your paper unique and that is valuable, especially when you have to compete with hundreds of essays of other students.

Mastering the technique of effective writing

  • Make things flow. Your writing should flow easily and your reader doesn't have to make a break every two sentences just to figure out what you are saying there.
  • Make logical links between all the sentences, paragraphs and sections of the paper. There has to be a proper order showing how all your thoughts are related one to another.
  • Choose the right words. If you are not sure about the meaning of some word, it is better to check in the dictionary before you use it in your paper.
  • Stop telling and begin to show. Whatever the topic is, you need to make the reader have a vivid image of it. Use examples, descriptions, facts etc.
  • Keep the word limit. If this is a 250 word essay, you have to be able to express yourself fully within this limit. As a rule, nobody even reads an essay after it surpasses the word limit.
  • Lead your reader to the conclusion as if there couldn't be any other conclusion. It has to be obvious due to all your arguments supporting your ideas.

Finally, never underestimate the importance of proofreading. This is the most common mistakes that many students do because they are so tired by the end of writing that they simply can't force themselves to spend some more time on improving their papers. However, what is the use of your hard work if it will be wasted because of the grammar, punctuation or other errors in it? So to avoid this disappointment, take a little break and come back to your writing with new inspiration. And only after you proofread and edit it properly, you can proceed to the submission.

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